From the Battlefield of Brady Station, Va., Two Confederate Relics that were Dug Together – A Virginia Sword Belt Plate & A Portion of a Dog River Saber

These two relics look so great together.  Both came from the largest Cavalry battle ever fought on U.S. soil.  Both pieces have wonderful, “untouched” patinas.  We will sell them separately, or hopefully, as a pair. 

The sword still retains most of the single strand wire from the grip.  Approximately 6 inches of the blade still exists.  For display, of course, you have the best part and it is a great relic.  #E22o – Price for the Sword $450

The Virginia Sword Belt Plate retains the hook on the reverse and has one of the most beautiful “dirt encrusted” patina’s that you only dream about.  #E221 – Price for the Belt Plate $5,250

#E222 – Price for the Pair $5,400

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