Excavated I.D. Disc from the Famous 6th Michigan Cavalry

The style of this I.D. disc is found on page 70 in the book, Identification Discs of Union Soldiers in the Civil War by Larry B. Maier and Joseph W. Stahl.  It is made of white metal and designated “Very Rare” in the book.  Over the years we have had two other tags of this style.  It measures 25mm and has a loop at the top (which remarkably is still intact). 

This I.D. could easily pass for a non-dug example, but it was excavated in Stephensburg, Va. which is in Culpepper County. The tag reads:

6th REG.

On the reverse of this I.D. type the Sutler has listed 4 battles: So. Mountain, Antietam, Fredericksburg, and Chancellorsville.  Note: This does not mean that the soldier participated in these battles as the sutlers would often time have the battles pre-stamped.  We say that since Jones enlisted on January 16th of 1864, fighting the rest of the war with the 6th Michigan. 

The 6th Michigan won great laurels in the hard fighting of 1864 including the Wilderness, Yellow Tavern, Hawes’ Shop, Cold Harbor, Trevillian Station, Winchester and Cedar Creek.   

A rare style tag from one of the Civil War’s most famous Cavalry regiments.   

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