Original Standard Issue Civil War Cup

Every true Civil War collector needs one of these in their collection. The Union soldier drank from it, cooked in it and ate from it. When we say “standard issue” we mean that it was a Government contract. There are many “period” cups… but you don’t know if they were genuine Civil War use or post-war… or just “old West”. The Government contract cup can be identified by the rivet on the base of the handle and by the two wire loops at the top of the handle. Anything with a stamped “U.S.” on the handle is post-war. We learn a lot by looking at excavated examples, distinguishing the “actual used” from the “maybe used”.

In the past 40 years we have only had 3 of these. Often they are pretty rusty or have holes. The example we are selling is in fine shape with a nice patina. There looks to be one early repair at the bottom. It’s hard to believe that “real” examples like this sell for $350+, but if you want one… and can find one that is what you have to pay. Ours is a bargain.

#A501 – Price $250