Great Little Souvenir Found in the Vienna, Va. Camp of CS General Kershaw’s Palmetto Guard by Robert F. Smith, Co. K, 49th New York Infantry

The “souvenir” sent home by Sergt. Robert F. Smith Co. K of the 49th New York Infantry is the front portion of a Confederate soldiers envelope. On the reverse Smith has written:

“Found this in
Vienna, Va.
Sent North by
Sergt. Robt. F. Smith
Co. K 49th Regt.”

The front (the part that you would display, and then show a photograph of the reverse… that we supply) is really neat. At the left is a beautiful cancellation: “CHARLESTON, S.C., JUL. 25, 1861 PAID”. It is addressed to:

“Sergt. Geo. M. Lalane
Palmetto Guards
Kershaw’s Regt. S.C. Vols.
Fairfax C.H.

So, Sergt. Lalane had just fought in the battle of Manassas and the Palmetto Guard (which is the 2nd S.C.) was in possession of Fairfax Court House. The Palmetto Guard in their subsequent movements ended up in Vienna, Va. and Lalane either lost or discarded this envelope. Interestingly he had it in his possession for almost 2 years. We know this because Robert Smith did not become a Sergt. until March 1st, 1863. All soldiers liked to “send home” relics and most were too large or heavy to send home. In the case of an envelope with a great address on the front… it made the perfect souvenir to send home.

Frame this little piece up with a photo of the reverse that we provide and you’ve got a great, inexpensive piece for display.

#A502NY – Price $150

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