2 Early War “Souvenirs” from the 8th Massachusetts Infantry, “The Salem Zouaves” – A Confederate Patriotic Card & a “Bill of Fair” from the Marshall House where Ellsworth was Killed

Along with these two souvenirs is a 5 x 6 inch period note that reads:

Card taken by the
Salem Zouaves out of
a bar room near the
Relay House

Bill of Fair taken from the
Marshall House by one
of Col. Ellsworth’s Officers
and given by him to
the Captain of the Zouaves
and by the Captain 
to Charlie

These two nice relics were found in the effects of Charles A. Dearborn who was a 19 year old clerk in Salem, Mass. and served as an aide to Arthur Forrester Devereux.  Both served in Company I of the 8th Massachusetts.  Unfortunately, Dearborn would be killed in December 1862 at the battle of Fredericksburg, Virginia.  Devereux would go on to become Colonel of the 19th Mass. and later brevetted Brigadier General.  

Noted in the 8th Mass. history is that in May of 1861 the regiment was ordered to camp at Relay House, Md. (Where the patriotic card was taken).  A fine set of early war souvenirs. 

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