Relics Collected by Captain Henry L. Pasco, Co. A, 16th Connecticut Infantry – Two Relics from the Battle of Antietam

A number of years ago the Horse Soldier, a Civil War Shop in Gettysburg, Pa., obtained the collection of Captain Henry L. Pasco which had been on display at a GAR post in Connecticut.  Some of Pasco’s collected relics were truly varied and outstanding.  As you know the majority of soldiers were “trophy” collectors and wanted to send home examples of their travels when they were able.  Captain Pasco mounted each of his relics on pieces of blue cardstock and wrote an ink description on the card.  We were able to purchase a number of these relics and after enjoying them all these years, will now let other collectors enjoy them. 

Our two favorite relics that Pasco picked up at the battle of Antietam.  The 16th Connecticut was hard hit at Antietam fighting against the Texas Brigade in the famous Cornfield.  The first cardstock displays a Union Eagle button and Minnie Ball.  The 5 ½ inch tag reads:

“Button and Bullet found in
the Cornfield when the 16th Conn. Vols.
made their last stand at the Battle
of Antietam Sep. 17th 1862.”

The second 5 ½ inch tag displays a ½ inch ring and reads:

“Ring made from a shell screw,
found under the tree where the 16th
Conn. Vols. buried their dead at Antietam”

Display these two pieces with a picture of the intense fighting in the Cornfield, and you have a wonderful display.  Obviously both tags have severe condition issues… but what you are buying is “character”. 

#A569 – Price for the pair $1,595

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