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A Faithful $2 Bill Carried through the Seven Days Battles before Richmond by William L. Keely of the 1st Regiment Pa. Reserve Corps

William L. Keely enlisted in June of 1861 as a Sergeant in Company G of the 30th Pa. Infantry (the 1st Regiment Pa. Reserve Corps).  His regiment in 1862 headed for Richmond and fought in the various battles before Richmond.  When going into this campaign, Keely had a $2 note from the Exchange Bank of Pittsburgh in his pocket, and managed not to lose it through all those battles.  On July 4th he celebrated and exchanged the bill for a “drink of old Rye and a plug of tobacco”. 

So here is what Will Keely wrote in period ink on the back of his $2 note: 

This Bill had the
pleasure of being
through the 7 days
battles before Rich-

Mechanicsville June
26th, 1862
Gaines Mill June 27th
Reynolds captured
Charles City Cross
Road June 30th – Mc
Call taken prisoner
July 1st Malvern
Hills – July 4th
this Bill exchanged
for a drink of old
Rye and a plug
of tobacco.
Will L. Keely
1st Reg. P.R.V.C.
McCall’s Divis.

So, here is a question… did Will write all that on the back of his note before cashing it in?  All we know is that it is a real Exchange Bank of Pittsburgh note and the ink is definitely period.   Maybe the bartender saw how attached Will was to the old $2 note and said “You keep it!”  We have taken a color copy of the front so that the framed set makes for a great display.    

#A574 PA – Price $595

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