Taken Off a Dead Rebel at Fredericksburg, is what David B. Boynton Says as he Writes Home to his sister, Sending her that Souvenir

The letter is headed March 9th, 1863, Camp near Potomac Creek, Va. David B. Boynton was a resident of Boston, Ma. and served as a clerk.  He was mustered in to the 3rd Mass. Light Artillery on August 22nd, 1862.  David writes a very interesting letter, be sure to read it in its entirety.  Of course, the fascinating thing is the Confederate infantry button that David sends home.  He writes: 

“This button I found on a dead
Rebel soldier at Fredericksburg
and cut it off.  It was made in

Since the letter is just signed David, it is fortunate that we have the envelope which was hand delivered and from which we learn his last name of Boynton.  The envelope was hand delivered by the mother of a friend, Thomas B. Martin (also from Boston).  It would have been hard to send his “trophy” button through the regular mail. 

It is interesting that David specifies that the button was “Made in Richmond” … and it certainly was.  The reverse of the button reads, “E. M. L. & C., Richmond, Va.”  The button has a wonderful uncleaned patina and is now attached to the letter for display (see photos). 

Boynton would serve in the 3rd Mass. Light Artillery until being wounded on August 18th, 1864 at Weldon Railroad, Va.  He was mustered out 1 month later. 

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