Original Civil War Soldier Art Done by Michael Brennan, Co. B, 7th R.I. Infantry – Near Petersburg, Va. Nov. 1864 He was “Commissioned” by Officers Stone, McKay and Johnson of the 7th R.I.

This folk-art painting beautifully framed in a gold period frame measuring 12 ½ x 16 inches, is signed by the artist in the bottom righthand corner.  The scene entitled “Our Quarters” “Near Petersburg, Va. Nov. 1864” shows the tent with chimney for Capt. G. N. Stone, Lt. J. McKay and Lt. W. H. Johnson of the 7th Rhode Island Volunteers.  In the upper left and right corners are 9th Corps badges, as they were in the 1st Brigade, 2nd Division of the 9th Army Corps.  The drawing is tastefully colored and makes for a truly breath-taking display. 

#A599RI – Price $1,995

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