One of the Most Colorful Souvenirs from the Civil War We Have Seen !

Striking Scrapbook Page from Sailor Joseph Watson, USS Montgomery – Sailor Joseph Watson, who served on the USS Montgomery, has mounted a number of colorful labels from WINE BOTTLES “CAPTURED FROM THE REBEL STEAMER PET” on a page in his scrapbook

This scrapbook page has been framed in a gold gilted period frame measuring 15 x 17 inches.  Along with 5 labels is a newspaper article entitled, “The Wilmington Blockade”.  Along the side of this article, which lists the “Captures” of many Blockade runners, Watson has written in ink:

“Joseph Watson was present at the destruction of these vessels on board of the U.S. Str. Montgomery”

At the center of the page is a nicely executed note: 

“Wines Liquors
Captured from the
Rebel Steamer

One of the most colorful souvenir relics in our collection.  There are many stories to be read about the chases and captures of Confederate Blockade Runners… an exciting aspect of Civil War collecting.

#A610 – Price $1,395

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