One of the Finest Condition Appomattox Paroles we have Observed… and this one with Great Gettysburg Significance:  Stuart’s Horse Artillery!

While most Appomattox Paroles are in very poor condition due to folding and being carried in a soldier’s pocket, our example is very fine.  Normally we find faded ink… sometimes barely readable.  This example has nice dark ink.  The parole is made out to Major M. N. Moorman (Marcellus N. Moorman), who was Captain in Stuart’s horse artillery at Gettysburg. 

The parole is signed by Carter M. Braxton, who also fought at Gettysburg and after the war published an important map of the battlefield of Fredericksburg.  It is said that he had 7 horses shot from under him, but was never wounded in the fighting.  Following the war he owned an engineering construction firm founded a railway and was Vice President of both a bank and a gas company! 

A true rarity, the best we have ever seen. 

#A626 – Price $5,500

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