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Beautiful Sixth Plate Tinted Tintype of Frederick Cape, Co. L,  56th New York Infantry (10th Legion Sharpshooters) – He Wears His Cape Coat, SNY Buckle & Holds His Saber Bayonet + His Discharge & A “Souvenir” He Brought Back from Charleston

This little gem housed in a perfect green velvet case came from an estate auction in New York.  With the image were two “Certificate of Service” papers which were copies of his original discharges.  Frederick enlisted on October 5th, 1861 and reenlisted on February 20th, 1864.  The Civil War Database has Fredericks name as “Cape”.  The discharges have it as Frederick “Cone”.  Anyway, he was in Company L of the 56th New York Infantry.  This company was known as the 5th Company, New York Sharpshooters, and 10th Legion Sharpshooters. 

What is so impressive about this image of course is the large saber bayonet he is holding and his SNY buckle.  Another impressive thing is the souvenir that he apparently brought back from Charleston, where he was discharged.  His souvenir was a 5 ½ inch shell (from the ocean).  Amazingly, it is still unbroken and quite perfect for being over 150 years old.  We wish that he had put his name or some tag on it, but it came with the image and discharge right out of the family. 

We are pricing this image based on its quality.  The discharge and his souvenir are bonuses.  

#P580NY – Price $950

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