The Battle of Fredericksburg, “BURNSIDES SLAUGHTER HOUSE” – Letter & Hand Drawn Map by Sgt. Richard Crockett, 19th Maine Infantry – “Most of the houses burnt up or riddled with cannon balls.”

This 3 page letter with a hand drawn map filling most of the 3rd page was written by 1st Sgt. Richard Crockett, a resident of Brunswick, Maine and a member of Company K of the 19th Maine. The letter is headed, “Camp near Falmouth, Va. Dec. 23rd, 1862”. Writing his friend Samuel it comes with the cover addressed in ink to Brunswick, Maine.

• “I suppose you have heard all the particulars about the Battle of Fredericksburg. We call it Burnside’s Slaughter House.”

• “Samuel, that was a great Battle. Our loss 13,000 and over, killed and wounded. The 19 Maine was on the right wing under a hot fire from the Rebels 3 days and nights…”

• “…strange to say we never lost a man but had 20 wounded, 2 from our Company, one had his hand taken off by a shell, another his thumb by a rifle ball.”

• “The Rebels now occupy the City, what there is left of it. We shelled them from our side one day and night. Most of the Houses was burnt up or riddled with cannon balls.”

• “We could not hold the city. After we got into it, the Rebels had so powerful Batteries and numbers, it was like leading men to the cannon mouth.”

• “They were killed by thousands. I hope another such battle never will occur.”

• “We are now only 2 miles from the enemy, can see their fires. Our pickets and the Rebel’s pickets talked with each other and even traded with our Regiment, but now it is stopped.”

• “It is quite cold here, but no snow yet. We live very uncomfortably in our small tents. Our Regiment is dwindling away very fast, by sickness. Two or three dies every week, only one from our Company yet, but 8 or 10 in Hospital sick.”

• “I hope something will be done in Congress this winter to stop this infernal rebellion.”

• “Fredericksburg is on the south side of the Rappahannock River. Falmouth on the north side, not over 1/4 of a mile apart. Our troops hold Falmouth. The river runs nearly east and west. We had 5 pontoon bridges thrown across the river. The morning our troops crossed had 100 men killed with putting down the bridges. Shot by Rebel Sharp Shooters.”


• “Write all the news. Tell some of the folks to write me. Respectfully yours, Crockett.”

Battle letters that include hand drawn maps are especially desirable. Numerous stains and toning. Display this letter with a colorful, modern map of the battlefield of Fredericksburg and you will have a tremendous display.

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