A Grieving Mother’s Letter + the Letter from Her Pastor to Chaplain Alonzo H. Quint of the 2nd Mass. Inquiring of her Son

Offered are 2 letters that tell the sad story of a mother’s son who died a prisoner in Richmond, Virginia. First, there is a letter from Abby L. Taylor, the mother of Elbridge G. Taylor who was captured at Winchester, Va. and died in prison in Richmond.

Next, we have a letter from Rev. J. M. Alvord in Washington, D.C. sending the mother’s letter to the Regimental Chaplain, Alonzo H. Quint of the 2nd Massachusetts Infantry. With this letter is an envelope having a Washington, D.C. postmark and an overall imprint of the American Tract Society, Tract House in Boston. The Tract Society supplied soldiers with Gospel tracts and Bibles. The cover is addressed to Rev. A. H. Quint, Chaplain 2nd Mass. Washington, D.C. The front is good and on the reverse a portion of the flap is missing. After the awar, Quint became National Chaplain-in-Chief for the G.A.R.

Together these two letters and cover make for a great, although sad, display.   

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