Captain Lucius M. Sargent, Jr. of the 1st Mass. Cavalry Sends Home Some of his Sketches Including a Full Legal-Size Drawing of the 1st Mass. Bathing in the River While “Mister Mosby” & His Men are seen Approaching in the Background!  While Sargent was a Medical Surgeon, he chose rather to fight… until Killed 1 year after writing this letter

Offered are 2-legal size pages consisting of a full-page letter by Lucius M. Sargent, Jr., and 3 pages of beautiful artwork that he has done.  The letter is written to Lucius’s father, Lucius Manlius Sargent, who was a famous author and temperance advocate.  The Sargent family was a prominent family in Boston. 

Lucius Jr. graduated from Harvard Medical School and after serving as a Surgeon in Massachusetts General Hospital, he became Surgeon of the 2nd Mass. Vols. in May of 1861.  Wanting to fight for his country, he resigned in October of 1861 and became Captain in the 1st Mass. Vol. Cavalry.  Fighting in all their major battles, he advanced to Major and then Lieutenant Colonel.  He was wounded on June 17th, 1863 at the battle of Aldie, Va.  and then KILLED ON DECEMBER 9TH, 1864 AT BELLEFIELD STATION, VA. 

Here is the content of the letter:

Hd. Qrs. 1st Mass. Cav. Near Warrenton, Va.
Nov. 18th, 1863.

My dear Father,
I send you some more of my scratching. Everybody scratched here for some reason or other & swears, except myself. I suppose the reason will be found in that pretty ballad “Sir Thomas Lucy.” No firing on our lines last night, though matters were lively enough the night before. [Mosby had been plaguing Sargent’s men all day and at night had tried to capture Mosby.]  I had sent out one squadron, which laid in ambush near Warrenton, while the third Pennsylvania Cavalry, and one section of Capt. Martin’s (6th New York) battery formed another ambush. But to spoil the whole, they sent out the first New Jersey Cay. on a reconnaissance through Gainesville & Thoroughfare Gap. A HUMANE PROCEEDING MUCH LIKE SENDING A BOY IN SWIMMING TO SEE IF THERE ARE ANY FISH BEFORE CASTING A NET. SO WE DID NOT HAVE MISTER MOSBY TO BREAKFAST AS WE CONFIDENTLY ANTICIPATED. I supposed we were soon to be en route for Culpepper, but last night there was a rumor that Gen. Lee was working up on our right once more. One thing looks clear enough. We must keep Lee busy in Virginia till something good is done in Tennessee & then we may have winter quarters, fireplaces, etc. somewhere. Nobody now seems to know where. HEREABOUTS FOR MILES THERE IS NOTHING AT PRESENT BUT AN IRREGULAR PETTY & CRUEL GUERRILLA WARFARE. HIGHWAY ROBBERY AND MURDER TAKE THE PLACE OF CAVALRY FIGHTS. We shall be out of this and in the front again soon I’ve little doubt, where we shall meet soldiers instead of night thieves & assassins. It will be pleasanter or to speak critically less disagreeable. I am well and hearty. Take good care of yourself.

Love to all.
Your affectionate son,

Lucius M. Sargent, Jr.
1st Mass. Cavalry
Capt. Comdg.  


1) Full page drawing of nude Union soldiers bathing with Mosby’s men charging in the background – THIS IS A CLASSIC!

2 & 3) A total of 9 humorous sketches including one of a doctor administering medicine and a group of 7 nude soldiers with the caption “UNDRESS PARADE IN THE 1ST MASS. VOL. CAVALRY”.  

Condition:  Professionally deacidified and strengthened. 

Obviously for the Mosby collector, or the 1st Mass. Cavalry collector, this set would make a tremendous display.  Truly unique museum quality. 

#L11-18-63MA – Price $1,950

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