11th Miss. Confederate Soldiers Letter – The Battle of Ball’s Bluff – Written by Major Samuel F. Butler, Who Would Later be Mortally Wounded at Antietam – “The Yankees crossed in ferry boats & in their hurry to recross they sunk their boats & many of them were drowned.”

This 2-page letter written in nice dark ink is on blue gray stationery and includes the original envelope with “DUE 10” and “Tudor Hall” postmark. 

From January to April 1861 Samuel F. Butler was Adjutant of Albert’s Regiment stationed near Pensacola, Florida.  He was elected Major of the 11th Miss. on May 4th, 1861 when the regiment was formed, and soon made Lieutenant Colonel.  At the battle of Antietam, he relieved mortally wounded Col. Liddell on the evening of 16 September in command of the regiment, and was himself mortally wounded in combat on the on the morning of the 17th

Butler is writing his sister.  The letter is headed, “Camp Fisher, October 25th, 1861”.  The first several paragraphs of the letter include information about selling corn from his plantation.  The letter then turns to military matters

  • The 17 & 18 Miss. Reg & 8 Va. had a hard battle on the 21st they whipped 10,000 Yankees, took 520 prisoners, killed & wounded a great many.
  • The Yankees crossed in ferry boats & in their hurry to recross they sunk their boats & many of them were drowned.  
  • Many of those that they took had prepared to wade the river & you can judge for yourself what an appearance they presented with their shoes & etc. in their hands, leaving the Yankee just as he came into the world.
  • The Miss. troops did splendid fighting which is very gratifying to all we Mississippians.
  • It seems that we are to be cut out of all the fights. Our position is the on the right of the Army & is considered the one of most danger, but it seems that Yankees are never going to give us a chance at them.
  • We are looked upon as the best Division in the service. We are composed of Miss., S.C., Texas & Tenn. & will be unto the Yankees that ever comes in our way.
  • The fight was 15 miles from here up the river on our extreme left flank. The Yankees had 6 cannons, we had none at the commencement of the fight but captured every one of their guns & a large number of small arms (Minnie muskets).  
  • I write this in a great hurry. One of the boys is just starting for Manassas. Excuse hast & etc. My love to all, good by write soon your brother, S. F. Butler

A wonderful Confederate letter from an important leader in the famous 11th Miss. 

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