Letter & Envelope Written on Poor Confederate Paper Picked Up on the Battlefield of Hanover Court House by Walter Chubbuck Co. A of the Ellsworth’s Avengers, 44th New York Infantry

This crude paper that Walter Chubbuck writes his sister makes for a great display since it was actually picked up on the battlefield!  It is headed, “On Battlefield near Hanover Court House May 28, 1862.”  The letter is in pencil, as is the homemade envelope that accompanied it.  Here is the content: 

  • Dear Sister, I suppose you will hear of the news of the Battle here and of the engagement of the 44th.
  • We left camp yesterday about 12 miles from here. We marched about 8 miles and stopped behind to guard the cross roads.
  • We had not been there long when we heard firing at a distance of about 4 miles. We soon got orders to march and soon were ready for the field of battle.
  • We were all alone with the exceptance of one Battery. We had not marched but three miles when we were attacked in the rear.
  • They first fired on our Ambulances. We were ordered to deploy as skirmishers in the woods. We had not got in to the woods before they opened on us.
  • We were then ordered to draw up in line of battle out in the open field.
  • When they opened on our right – from a piece of woods. When we opened on them and kept up the fire about two hours before we were reinforced.
  • This gladdened the hearts of all in the 44 for we had from 5 to eight regiments to fight against. They did not drive us an inch.
  • I do not know how many we lost in the regiment. Our company lost 8 killed and wounded but no more time so good bye for this time.
  • Give my love to all, from your brother, W.L. Chubbuck.  P.S. Ed Culver was not in the fight. Byron came out all right.
  • Written at the bottom:  This paper is some I picked up on the field. It is some of the Rebels left scattered.

Along with the letter sheet, is a homemade envelope: 

  • “Letter written on paper picked up on the battlefield by one of Ellsworth’s Avengers 44th N.Y. Regt.  Envelope made by the same soldier.  Walter L. Chubbuck, Suspension Bride N.Y. State.”

Condition:  Battle scared… picked up on the battlefield, it’s just a very cool piece especially with the envelope.  Archival repairs to the reverse… and best to be kept in mylar sheet. 

Walter Chubbuck along with the 44th New York had a great record, including the battle of Gettysburg where because of its action on Little Round Top help save the Army of the Potomac.  Chubbuck was wounded twice.  First at Malvern Hill on July 1st, 1862 and then again in the Wilderness on May 5th, 1864. 

#L5-28-62 NY – Price $795

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