143rd New York Vol. – Battle of Peach Creek, Georgia, July 21st, 1864

This letter was written by Sgt. Bruce Elmore Company C of the 143rd New York Infantry. The letter is 4 pages in pencil along with its envelope which is addressed in ink to Bruce’s wife in Fallsburg, N.Y.

The letter has great battle content:

• “We had a pretty warm time here yesterday. A pretty severe battle was fought here. Our loss is quite heavy. I think the Rebels also lost heavy. They charged us and tried to drive us back but failed. Some of their dead and wounded fell into our hands.”

• “We marched from the camp where I last wrote July 17th and crossed the River Chattahoochie since which time the army has been getting its position. We are now about 4 miles from Atlanta, although some of our line is closer being within two miles.”

• “Our Regt. lost 45, forty-five killed and wounded. 7 or 8 killed, 2 of our own Co. were wounded, Gilbert B. Lawrence severely. The doctor says he thinks he may get well. I hope he may and Sergt. McKendree N. Dodge (of Rockland) quite severely wounded, though not dangerously, a flesh wound in the leg.”

• “Lieut. Wm. M. Ratcliff, Adjutant, is also killed and Lieut. Waterbury of our Regt. also killed. I am well, have not received a scratch, and I feel to fervently thank my Heavenly Father for mercifully sparing me amid peril and danger so imminent.”

• “All well at half past 12. Have heard a little cannonading. Hard to tell whether there will be any hard fighting in any part of the line today or not. Lieut. Waterbury is not yet dead.”

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