Lt. Col. John Fred Pierson, 1st New York, Organizes “The Prisoners Club” in Libby Prison + His CDV!

John F. Pierson enlisted as a Captain in Company H of the 1st New York Infantry in May of 1861. On August 24th, 1862 he was captured by the Cavalry of J.E.B. Stuart in the rear of Pope’s Army and marched to Richmond, Va. where he was placed in Libby prison. Pierson and his fellow prisoners organized themselves into a club known as “The Prisoners Club”. Offered is: 

1) A copy of the five articles or rules of their club 

2) A separate “Roster of Officers who were confined in same room with me in Libby Prison”

3) A CDV of Pierson with ink I.D. on reverse (same view as shown on the Civil War Database) 

The documents are in period ink on legal size stationery. While we do not know when Pierson wrote these pages, we do know that they are not the actual pages that he first wrote in prison… these are in nice dark ink and have to be after he was exchanged on October 6, 1862, as Pierson mentions that at the top of the roster of Officers. 

As one reads through the Clubs rules and the list of diverse Union Officers Pierson lists, one can envision those men huddled in the tobacco warehouse of old Libby. This Club is written about in the book, Richmond Prisons 1861-62, by William H. Jeffrey. On the cover of that book is a gold imprint of the Club’s motto: “Bite and Be Dammed” (We will include a color photo of that imprint).

To sum it up, a wonderful collection for the Libby Prison or POW collector! 

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