Colorful Confederate General Maxey Gregg Writes a Full ALS from Charleston, S.C. in May of 1861 – He would go on to Fight with Distinction at Manassas, Sharpsburg and was Mortally Wounded at Fredericksburg – The Finest Example We Have Seen !

This one-page ALS is written in nice dark ink.  It is headed “Camp Pickens, 3 May 1861” (Camp named after Governor Francis W. Pickens).  Gregg writes as Colonel of the 1st South Carolina Volunteers.  Gregg is writing to Col. W. C. Morague, who was Chief of Staff to General Bonham.  Gregg needs housing for Captain Gibbe’s Company of his 1st South Carolina.  The city had promised to provide this housing… a large tent and they had not fulfilled their promise of adequate shelter.

On the reverse of this letter is an endorsement of Brigadier General M. L. Bonham.  Apparently, Gregg demanded attention as General Bonham (eventually Governor) writes “Col. Aldrich will procure thi to be ordered at once either by the authority or by private hands.  M. L. Bonham Brig. Genl. P. F (Provisional Force).

Letters, even just autographs of Maxey Gregg, are extremely rare… in fact the autograph of Gregg at the end of this letter is a much finer example than the one found in Autographs of the Confederacy (see our photo).  Included is the card kept by the previous collector that shows that this letter was purchased from famed autograph dealer Kenneth Rendell for $200 back in February of 1975.  That’s 48 years ago and a Robert E. Lee letter could be purchased for $200 back then… just showing how scarce Gregg is. 

#D5-3-61SC – Price $2,295

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