#L10-3-61 SC

Full ALS of South Carolina Governor Francis Pickens + His CDV – He Writes to Col. A. M. Manigault an Important Directive Regarding ENFIELD MUSKETS THAT JUST ARRIVED FROM ENGLAND

Col. Manigault was the Chief Ordnance Officer in Charleston, S.C.  Early in 1861 the Confederacy had to rely on shipments of weapons “run through the blockade” for their survival.  In this letter dated October 3rd, 1861, Gov. Pickens wants the 320 Enfield Rifled Muskets that just arrived to be kept for the “local defense, never to go out of the state”.  They were imported by Mesrs. Frazier & Co.

This two-page letter in nice dark ink is all in the hand of Governor Pickens.  This was his retained copy.  Pickens retained copies were saved before Columbia burned in 1865.  They were finally found in the 1970’s by relatives of the Confederate soldier that rescued them.  The Pickens papers were put up for auction, and after several attempts by the state of South Carolina to “replevin” them, they finally went to auction… and we bought the majority of the collection!  The letter being offered is one of the nicest examples that sold.  Writing on two separate pages, it would display perfectly.  We have added a fine CDV of Pickens for that display.
This would be a valuable addition to the collector of war date Charleston material, or one that collects items related to the blockade.  It would be perfect to go with one of those imported Enfield Rifles also! 

#L10-3-61 SC – Price $895


State of South Carolina,
Head Quarters.
Oct. 3rd, 1861

To Col. Manigault – Ordnance Officer
           I have just recd. yours of this date stating the reception of three hundred and twenty Enfield Rifled muskets. I beg that you will not allow any one of them to go into any one’s hands except by orders directly from myself, as I desire them for a particular purpose, and for our local defense never to go out of the state. As to the “Appendages” please apply immediately for them to Mesrs. Frazier & Co. and see if they have not got them and in sending the guns they have been overlooked. I desire also if they have not got them that they shall be immediately made and full supply of the proper kind of belts & ammunition be prepared. I thought they had only let me have 200, and this is 120 more than I knew of I trust the arsenal keeper will let no officer know the arms are there, for if it is known I will get no rest from the applications.

F. W. Pickens

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