LS of States Rights Gist – South Carolina General who was Killed at the Battle of Franklin – Asking Col. Manigault, Ordnance Officer to Send a Cannon to Knoxville, Tennessee… the Endorsement on the Reverse is Cooler than the Front !  They Wrote out what was Stamped on the Barrel of the Cannon !! (You’ve just got to see our photo)

Offered is a nice dark ink, one-page letter on official “Adj’t & Insp’t Gen’l’s Office” stationery, headed, “Charleston, S.C. June 29th, 1861.”  It is a solid $2,500-$3,000 letter, only one problem: the collector or museum who had it encapsulated it.  This is different than laminating but our advice is leave it the way it is.  It’s a wonderful display piece, and will last forever.  Our half price: $1,250.

Now, are you ready to see that endorsement on the back?  Here it is:

They copied what was stamped on the bronze barrel! 

#L6-29-61SC – Price $1,250

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