Confederate Vice President Alexander H. Stephens Writes from the First Capitol of the Confederacy, Montgomery, Alabama

This 1-page ALS all in the hand of Stephens is perfect to frame with the steel engraving that we will provide. Interestingly the content concerns his response to an “admirer” (?) in Batavia, New York!

Montgomery, Ala.
24 Feb. 1861
Dear Sir,
Your short note of
the 18th inst. asking me
for my autograph has
been duly received and
your request is hereby
Your Most Respectfully,
Alexander H. Stephens
Jas. M. Waite
Batavia, N.Y.

Prior to the Civil War, Stephens had quite a political history. He was elected to Congress in 1843, was a prominent supporter of the Compromise of 1850 and helped pass the Kansas-Nebraska Act. After his native state of Georgia seceded, he was elected as Vice President of the newly formed Confederate states which had their first capitol in Montgomery, Alabama. Stephens served throughout the war and in February 1865 was one of the Commissioners who met with Abraham Lincoln at the Hampton Roads Conference to discuss peace terms. After the war, Stephens was imprisoned until October 1865. Eventually when his war role became a thing of the past, he was elected again to the House of Representatives (1873). He resigned in 1882 to become Governor of Georgia. A very interesting individual.

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