One Page, Frameable ALS (Autograph Letter Signed) from the Civil War’s Most Famous Nurse:  Dorothea Dix – Topic:  GETTYSBURG

It is rare to find a war date letter all in the hand of Dorothea L. Dix.  She was the Superintendent of Women Nurses during the Civil War… this is the FIRST we have ever seen her write anything related to Gettysburg.  Here is the transcription: 

Washington, Oct. 29th, 1863
To: Surgeon Jaynes in charge
Genl. Hospital
Camp Letterman

            I write you to ask for Mrs. Webbs Certificates.  She was detailed in one of the Lower Wards, Rebel tents, and was withdrawn by myself (seeing a superfluity of Women Nurses on the ground) by permission of the Surgeon in Charge.

D.L. Dix

By the way, superfluity = over supply, excess.  Condition is excellent in nice dark ink.   

#L10-29-63 – Price $850