Historic Letter & Cover from the U.S.S. Minnesota, Hampton Roads, Va. – Edward J. Cahill – The cover is especially nice!  15 days later the Minnesota would be badly damaged in the battle of Hampton Roads.  Interestingly, the letter mentions the famous revival that started at Fulton Street in New York & spread throughout the East Coast! 

Rarely do you find a nicer letter sheet and historic cover like this.  The cover is complete with backflap.  At the top is written, “Ships Letter” and in two places a large “3”.  Also, the word “SHIP” in an oval stamp.  At the bottom of the envelope is written, “from U.S.S. Frigate Minnesota Hampton Roads, Va.”  The cover is addressed to Chelsea, Mass.

The letter has a red and blue patriotic edge and is written in beautiful robin’s egg blue ink.  The writer, Edward J. Cahill, enlisted on April 17th, 1861 in Boston, Mass. as a 2nd Fireman. 

Here is the content of the letter:

Note that the last several paragraphs deal with spiritual revival that was going on at the time, which had started New York City.  A very historic letter and cover. 

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