Sailor Pardon (Horace) Spencer Writes from the USS Augusta , Port Royal, S.C. – “Hilton Head is a one-horse town”

This 1-page letter written in pencil is dated June 13th, 1863. It was written on board the US Steamer Augusta off of Port Royal, S.C., the large Federal station there. The writers legal name was “Horace” Spencer, but his nickname that he liked to go by was “Pardon”. The content is really cute. We have come up with the expression “it’s a one traffic light town”… Well, back then the expression was it’s “a one horse town”!

Here is the transcription:

June 13th, 1863
U. S. Steamer Augusta
Port Royal, S. C.

Dear Cousin Mary,
        As I promised you my picture, here it is. I almost hear you exclaim ‘0, what a black looking fellow.” You can see by this likeness, what a Southern sun does for one’s complexion, and as sailors are not allowed any sun shading, etc. to shield their faces, it is reasonable they should become a little tanned, and if it will make any addition to your collection you’re welcome to it. You will see that there is some difference between the looks of a sailor and a soldier. I have answered your letter three days ago. I went on liberty yesterday. I visited all the forts on Hilton Head. It’s a one horse town. Make the most of it. Please write me a good long letter, and you will greatly oblige your loving cousin, Pardon
   U. S. Steamer

Condition: All easily read. Slight roughness to the left margin. Comes with its original envelope with “U.S. SHIP” marking, however, the stamp has been cut off.

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