One Page ALS War Date Letter from Major General P. H. Sheridan along with a Fine Engraving of the General

If you wanted a war date letter from Sheridan to frame on your wall, it would be hard to find a better one than this. It is written on 5 x 8 inch military stationery with an imprint at the top: “Head Quarters Middle Military Division”. Under that is the date, “Nov. 30th, 1864”.  

Sheridan is writing Col. Wilhelm Heine, who was Colonel of the 103rd New York Infantry. Prior to that assignment he had been in the 1st Maryland Infantry and at the battle of Bottom’s Bridge, Va. he got his heine captured (ha, ha). He spent some time in Libby Prison in Richmond. The content of the letter is interesting. Sheridan is reassuring Heine that “you have had no occasion at any time to fear”… perhaps Heine wanted to make sure that he didn’t get back to Libby! Anyway, this one page frameable letter along with an engraving of Sheridan is great. 

Here is the content: 

Nov. 30, 1864
Col. Heine,

The Camp
fires on the blue
Ridge are my
troops are my
troops. You need
not fear. Anything
except – a few guerillas
and you have had
no occasion at
anytime to fear
– anything else –

P. H. Sheridan
M. Genl.

Interestingly, this letter has quite a provenance. Back on May 6th, 1964 it was given as a gift to Judge Spalding, “On the occasion of his twentieth year as a Justice of the Supreme Judicial Court of Massachusetts.” from his law clerks… and 9 of them signed the note. This original card of course comes with the letter as well as the steel engraving that it was framed with. It was originally purchased on June 4th, 1964 at Goodspeed’s Bookshop in Boston.  

#L756.11-30-64 – Price $750