The Confederate Reserve Artillery at Gettysburg – Endorsements by 3 of the Most Famous Leaders: Brig. Genl. & Chief of Artillery, William Nelson Pendleton, Washington Artillery Commander B. F. Eshleman, & Commander of the 3rd Corps Artillery, Col. R. L. Walker

This 3 ¼ x 8 inch strip of endorsements, taken off the back of some probably insignificant document, presents 3 of the most famous names in the Confederate Artillery at Gettysburg. Our favorite is W. N. Pendleton. He was also Lee’s favorite, and William Nelson’s son, “Sandie” Pendleton was Jackson’s favorite! General Pendleton early on named 4 of his cannons, “Matthew”, “Mark”, “Luke”, and “John”. When commanding them to fire he shouted, “Let the scripture speak!” (Can you tell that prior to the war he was a minister?) 

On the back of the 3 artillery signatures there is a fine endorsement by Walter F. Taylor for General Lee. 

Condition is fine with nice dark ink. A “must” for the Gettysburg collector. 

#CG511 – Price $950 

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