Nice Little Example of a Pickett’s “Parole/Countersign” – This one from “Head Quarters, Post of Springfield, Mo. Feb. 20th, 1863”

This parole/countersign measures 3 x 5 inches.  These little documents were folded in a triangle shape and given to Soldiers that had to pass through the Pickett line.  Written in red ink:  Curtis/Bentonville as the signs.  It is signed, “By order Col. Bowen, Comd’g Post, C. C. Bennett, Post Adjutant.”  On the reverse is who it was issued to:  “Capt. C. G. See, A. C. S.”   Capt. See was in the Commissary Department. 

Condition – Usually these little documents fall apart because they were folded in a triangle shape.  This one is still in fairly good shape.  On the reverse there is an old piece of tape, but you would be displaying the front so not too big an issue. 

#D3-20-63MO – Price $85

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