An Amazing Broadside: 1863 “Johnson’s New Chart of National Emblems” – You’ve Got to See What They Include!

This 18 x 26 inch poster published by Johnson & Ward, “Entered according to act of Congress in the year 1863”, shows 104 national emblems. What makes this so fascinating is the flag next to Liberia: CONFEDERATE STATES OF AMERICA, SO CALLED. 

This chart was perhaps part of a large 1863 Atlas?… but there is nothing printed on the reverse. The colors are bright, not faded. It has been folded in the center and there is minor loss at the bottom. Of course when matted, it would look great. There is some tape on the reverse, but no bleed through, and if you wanted, a Conservationist could easily remove it. 

This is the sort of piece that when framed and hanging in your relic room… or classroom if you are a teacher, would be a continual piece for conversation… totally fascinating. We would probably ship it rolled for $15. 

#D335 – Price $95 

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