Important Confederate Telegram Regarding the Famous Confederate Submarines, or “Torpedo Boats”

This telegram is dated December 31st, 1864. For the past year the Confederate Army and Navy had been bickering over who would control their “submarine service”! In this telegram, General G. T. Beauregard writes Col. George W. Brent: 

Dec. 31st, 1864 
By telegraph from Charleston 26. To: Col. G. W. Brent 
Torpedo boat affair has been referred to 
War Dept. and have no control over the 

               G. T. Beauregard 

In the book, “Union and Confederate Submarine Warfare in the Civil War” by Mark K. Ragan, on page 223 we find that George Brent was on the staff of Lt. Gen. Richard Taylor. Taylor had written to Beauregard who was now the administrative commander of the massive Military Division of the West. OUR TELEGRAM IS HERE PRINTED. 

A rare piece of “submarine” history. 

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