Brig. General Q. A. Gillmore’s Official Thanks to the Troops on the Fall of Battery Wagner & Gregg (Where the Black 54th Mass. had Charged)

This official Department of the South “Headquarters in the Field, Morris Island, S.C., Sept. 15th, 1863 GENERAL ORDERS”, gives a speech of thanks by Gen. Gillmore for the tremendous work the Infantry and Navy did in capturing these 2 famous forts. 

The Union attack on July 18th, 1863, led by the 54th Massachusetts Volunteer Infantry, was one of the first major American military units made up of Black soldiers. They were led by Col. Robert Gould Shawl, who was killed in the attack. The movie Glory was about the taking of this fort. The Confederates abandoned Battery Wagner on September 7th, 1863 and Gillmore issued this thanks to the troops on September 15th. 

The document measures 5 x 8 inches, is in fine condition and will look great framed with a print of the battle which we will supply. 

#D375.9-15-63 – Price $250 

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