Nice 3rd Rhode Island Volunteer Artillery Document from Hilton Head, S.C. Signed by 2 Captains, the Colonel Commanding the Post & by Major General Quincy A. Gillmore

This document opened up measures 12 x 16 inches and is a list of equipment to be discarded. The list is quite fascinating including wall tents, mess pans, camp kettles, flannel shirts, shoes drums, and drum sticks! The document is dated September 14th, 1863. It is signed by Captain Commanding Company F, 3rd Rhode Island Artillery David B. Churchill, Inspector Captain Jeremiah Lanahan.

On the reverse there is a great autograph of Quincy A. Gillmore as Major General Commanding. If you wanted, you could just frame his endorsement and autograph with a photo of him. As on the reverse is an endorsement from “Head Quarters U.S. Forces Hilton Head, S.C.” and signed by the Post Commanding Officer D. C. Strawbridge. Fine condition.

#D378RI.9-14-63 – Price $195

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