Estate Document from the Famous Woodbine Plantation along the Banks of the Satilla River in Georgia – One of the Largest Plantations in the 1830’s – Lists Inventory of Equipment including “57 Pair of Negro Shoes”!

This legal size document covers the years of 1831 and 1832 as the estate of Woodbine plantation is broken up. At the top of this 3-page legal size document is “Woodbine Plantation” “To John King” and starts with July 15th, 1831. The list includes whiskey, molasses, Negro shoes, tobacco, Negro measurer, large keg of gun powder, 2 large cotton gins, and much more. On the 3rd page there is a letter headed, “Charleston 9 April 1832” written to John Elliott in Keene, New Hampshire. It is written by Jacob R. Valks. Interestingly this document was folded and then mailed. It has a beautiful “CHARLESTON, S.C. APR. 9” postmark and a large “25”.

Obviously the purchaser of this document can do much more research than we did. We know that the land was originally granted by the state of Georgia in 1808 and became known as Woodbine Plantation. We also know that it was eventually purchased by Luke John Bailey in 1835, and that during the Civil War the house was burned by Union troops. Perhaps someone living in the town of Woodbine, which incorporated as a town in 1908, would love this historic document!

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