Rare & Desirable Autograph of Ely S. Parker, Seneca Indian on General Grant’s Staff who was with Him at the Appomattox Surrender

This autograph came from an album that was broken up at Alexander Autographs back in 2004. It became part of our collection because his autograph is quite rare and this was the finest example we had seen. 

It reads:

Ely S. Parker  
         Bvt. Col. & Mil Secy. 
               Lt. Gen. Grant’s Staff 

Donehogawa (Door Keeper) Chief of the 
Six Nations in N.Y. & Canada

The story of Ely Parker is quite amazing. You can read our biographical information. Parker wanted to join the Military Service but because he was an Indian, was rejected. In 1863 with Grant’s support, he was commissioned as a Staff Officer. Eventually joining Grant as a Military Secretary. In the famous National Geographic Society painting of Grant at the surrender, Parker is standing on the right side. We will provide a copy that can be framed with this great autograph. 

#D382 – Price $695