Pass from One of the Most Famous Signers of Passes in the Civil War… Drake De Kay – He signed his name so large that it could be read by sentries in dim light!

This pass is headed “Head Quarters Military Department of Washington, July 9th, 1861.”  It is filled out in red ink: “Pass James Riddle Esq. & a women over the bridges and within the lines, by order of General Mansfield commanding.”  This General Mansfield would be killed a year later at the battle of Antietam.  De Kay’s signature is enormous in nice black ink and signs as “Aide-de-Camp”. 

On the reverse is a statement of loyalty to the United States that has been signed by James Riddle and Leander Riddle.  Since there were thousands of troops surrounding Washington, it is very possible that the Riddles wanted to visit a son in the army. 

The pass measures 5 ½ x 8 ½ inches and is in fine condition with minor staining.  A very displayable pass and notice that it’s just prior to the battle of Bull Run which would be fought close to Washington. 

#D405 – Price $150

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