Historic Railroad Pass at the Start of the Civil War in South Carolina – The Charleston & Savannah Railroad – Made out to W. F. Colcock – Read on to see why this little pass is so significant! 

This pass measures 2 x 3 ½ inches and is filled out in nice dark ink.  After the name of the railroad at the top are the words, “Pass Free” and it is made out to “Mr. W. F. Colcock” “For relinquishment of ‘Right of Way’” and signed by H. S. Haines, Supt., Charleston, May 25th, 1861. 

Colcock was Collector of Customs for the U.S. Government prior to the start of war.  In April after the firing on Fort Sumter, he was made Collector of Customs for the Confederate Government!  Colcock lived in McPhersonville, S.C.  The railroad went through his property so the Superintendent of the Charleston & Savannah gave him a free pass!

The pass is in fine condition with the exception of some darkening on the reverse and just two little spots on the front.  A very historic little pass from a railroad that played a key role in moving Confederate troops. 

#D409 SC – Price $265

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