Pass for the James River Canal Boat & Stage –  “From Staunton to Lynchburg”

Here is a cute little pass measuring 4 ½ x 2 ¾ inches.  In the upper left-hand corner is a vignette of a horse pulled canal boat.  The pass is filled out in nice dark ink:  June 18th, 1856 “Mr. Reed, Two Seats” “From Staunton to Lynchburg”, “By Stage and J. R. Canal”.  It is signed by “Alex Pope Abell”. In the bottom left corner “Hand to Captain of the boat”. 

During the Civil War the James River Canal supplied the Tredegar ironworks and Virginia State Armory.  It played a crucial role in supplying the Confederate forces. 

Minor staining.  The first one of these we have ever seen.    

#D6-18-56 – Price $125

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