Confederate General J. E. Johnston Writes to General Beauregard from Manassas:  “THE BALLOON MAY BE USEFUL.  LET US SEND FOR IT. WE CAN SURELY USE IT ADVANTAGEOUSLY ON A DAY OF BATTLE.”

Offered is a one page frameable ALS all in the hand of Confederate General Joseph E. Johnston.  At the time Johnston was a Brigadier General but because of his gallant service at the 1st battle of Bull Run he was appointed full General and given command of the Army of Northern Virginia.  When he was severely wounded at the battle of Fair Oaks, command passed to R. E. Lee. 

Here is the transcription:

Aug. 22nd, 1861

Dear General,
It seems to me that the balloon may be useful.  Let us send for it.  We can surely use it advantageously on a day of battle, tho it may be useless in the present state of affairs.

Yours truly,
J. E. Johnston

Have you heard of the last two Brigadiers?  Ripley & R. Anderson

General Beauregard

Of course any mention of the use of balloons for observation are very desirable, and in this case it is the main subject matter!

Condition is excellent with appropriate docket on reverse.    

#D8-22-61 – Price $1,650

Taken from the book, Autographs of the Confederacy:

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