Johnson’s Island Autographs

Autographs of Confederate Officers Captured & Sent to Johnson’s Island – Many Wounded & Captured at Gettysburg Including: 2nd, 4th, 5th, 6th, 7th, 8th, 10th, 11th, 14th, 15th, 19th, 40th, 42nd, 53rd, 55th & 56th Virginia; 2nd, 4th, 5th, 12th, 20th, 26th, 38th, 55th, 57th & 59th North Carolina; 3rd, 13th & 38th Georgia; 2nd Florida; 1st, 2nd, 9th, 22nd & 29th Mississippi; 1st Texas; 8th & 51st Tennessee; 4th, 6th, 9th, 13th, 28th & 47th Alabama; 1st Missouri; 3rd & 12th South Carolina; 10th & 23rd Arkansas; 1st, 2nd, 10th, 14th & 16th Louisiana

Here is a picture of the envelope that contained many pages of autographs.  Written on the front of it:

“Autographs of fellow prisoners on
Johnson’s Island, Ohio, and verses written
by some of those prisoners – 1864-65.” 

In the past we have had a number of Johnson’s Island autograph albums.  As far as “value” is concerned, Confederate Lieutenants or Captains normally would be figured at $50 to $100 depending on their regiment (famous regiments more highly valued).  Officers of higher rank, Colonels and those captured at Gettysburg $200 to $300.  One must realize that if you had a relative in one of these southern regiments, it is most likely that this is the only time you would see an autograph of their Commander. 

So this brings about a great opportunity for those collectors looking for certain regiments and Officers.  We have priced each of these pages INDIVIDUALLY.  There are a total of 16 pages and the individual prices total $8,750.  If there is a serious collector or museum that would like to purchase the entire lot, CALL US, and we would be willing to do a group price.  Again, this is a once in a lifetime opportunity for the GETTYSBURG COLLECTOR.

Here it goes:

J.I. #1 – Price $450 – 8 Autographs:   Our favorites being: Capt. James R. Hutter, 11th Va., wounded & captured near the Stone Wall in Pickett’s Charge and Capt. Andrew J. Jones, 11th Va., also wounded & captured in Pickett’s Charge.   The 6 others:  Lt. F. H. Horner 8th Tenn. Cav., Lt. J. W. Gibson Co. D 22nd Miss., Maj. Thos. H. Johnston, 1st Miss. Regt., Capt. J. A. Monroe Co. K 9th Miss., Capt. W. H. Allison, 1st Mo., Lt. Lemuel B. Smith 2nd Miss. Infantry. 

J.I. #2 – Price $450 – 4 Autographs with 3 being from rare FLORIDA regiments, and all 4 captured at Gettysburg.  Capt. A. Moseley, Co. H 2nd Fla. “Captured at Gettysburg”,  Lt. William A. Bull, 2nd Fla. “Captured at Gettysburg”, Lt. David L. Dunham, Co. H, 2nd Fla., Perry’s Brigade.  (Note: Perry’s Florida Brigade had the 2nd highest loss in the war!)  Finally, Lt. W. M. Gunnels, 3rd Batt. S.C. Infantry part of Kershaw’s Brigade “Captured at Gettysburg”.

J.I. #3 – Price $400 – 6 Autographs:  Our 3 favorites right off the front are:   Lt. Col. Nathan T. Bartley, 7th Va. wounded and taken prisoner at Gettysburg, Lt. Henry W. Chamblin, 8th Va., captured during a Gettysburg Campaign at Upperville, and Lt. William H. Belton, 11th Miss., wounded & captured at Gettysburg.   On the reverse of the page:  Capt. John R. Turnbull, Co. F, 12th N.C. wounded 3 times, POW Fort Stedman, Lt. John T. Williams, Co. C, 12th N.C. wounded and captured at Gettysburg, and Capt. C. E. Chambers, Co. G, 13th AL. Inf.  

J.I. #4 – Price $550  – 4 Autographs, all captured at Gettysburg:  2 from the famous 26th North Carolina and believe it or not, the man from the 55th North Carolina who went furthest in Pickett’s Charge, Thomas D. Falls.  The fourth autograph is from Benjamin L. Brown of the 59th Georgia, wounded and captured at Gettysburg, was in 5 prisons and one of the “Immortal 600”.  As they are listed:

Capt. S. W. Brewer,
26th N.C.,
Carried the Regimental
Flag in Pickett’s Charge.

Lieut. Thomas D. Falls,
55th N.C.,
Went farthest in the charge.

Lieut. Gaston Broughton,
26th N.C.,
One of the farthest
In Pickett’s charge.

Lieut. B. L. Brown,
59th Ga.

J.I. #5 – Price $450 – 4 Autographs, all captured at Gettysburg:  2 North Carolina men, 55th and 38th & 2 men from the famous 9th Alabama:

Capt. S. D. Randall,
55th N.C.

Lieut. H. Clay Moore,
38th N.C.

Capt. Gaines C. Smith,
9th Ala.

Capt. John N. Chisholm,
9th Ala.

J.I. #6 – Price $450 – 8 Autographs – Three from the 6th Virginia Cavalry, all of which became members of the “Immortal 600”.  One from the 14th Virginia captured in Pickett’s Charge.  One from the 12th South Carolina captured at Gettysburg, and two Georgia boys, one of which was a member of the “Rebel Thespians” a drama group on Johnson’s Island.  Finally, a 28th Alabama man captured at Missionary Ridge.

J.I. #7 – Price $300 – 3 Autographs, the most important that of Col. William Steptoe Christian, who led the 55th Virginia in Pickett’s Charge.  Along with him is Capt. J. W. Burton of the 6th Alabama and W. H. Adams of the 51st Tennessee.

J.I. #8 – Price $450 – This page has 3 POW’s Captured at Gettysburg & who eventually became members of the “Immortal 600”: John E. Stakes, Captain 40th Virginia.  He was the brother of Major E. T. Stakes.  One of the few prisoners at Johnson’s Island that “almost” escaped, he was captured but his brother wasn’t!  Lt. James A. Riddick of the 53rd Virginia captured in Pickett’s Charge.  Nathan Richardson Jr., 10th Virginia Cavalry.  Finally, M. C. Brockenbrough of the 1st Louisiana Volunteers.

J.I. #9 – Price $550 – 4 Autographs, all captured in Pickett’s Charge, 3 being from the famous 53rd Virginia and 1, the Major of the 40th Virginia Infantry, E. T. Stakes who managed to escape from Johnson’s Island (See the book, Rebels on Lake Erie by Charles E. Frohman, pages 55-57).  The three 53rd Virginia Lieutenants are J. J. Sale, who writes in French above his name “ne m’oubliez pas” (do not forget me).  S. H. Richardson and R. C. Campbell (who would also go on to be an Immortal 600 victim).

J.I. #10 – Price $650 – 5 Autographs, 2 of great significance: The first, Col. M. J. Bulger of the 47th Alabama, wounded and captured at Gettysburg on July 2nd 1863 as his regiment fought Joshua Chamberlain of the 20th Maine.  Next we have Captain Waller M. Boyd of the 19th Virginia.  THE FIRST MAN TO REACH THE STONE WALL AT GETTYSBURG (Source: 19th Virginia Regimental).  Another great autograph is that of Lt. H. C. Burks of the 2nd Virginia Cavalry, who was captured in the Gettysburg Campaign at Westminster, Pa. on June 30th, 1863.  Finally, there is Lt. T. M. Gravely of the 42nd Virginia who became one of the Immortal 600 and Major E. L. Black of the 23rd Arkansas

J.I. #11 – Price $400 – 8 Autographs:  Lt. Thomas L. Christian 4th Alabama, captured at Gettysburg; Lt. Col . John Critcher of the 15th Virginia Cavalry He was captured at Rappahannock 5/23/63.  (The Yankee Cavalry Guidon captured by Critcher is on display at the Chancellorsville Museum.  Post war he was a U.S. Congressman.)  Captain Junius B. Brown of the 5th Virginia Cavalry, William W. Carloss of Miles Legion Louisiana Volunteers (4th European Infantry).

On the reverse we have:  J. B. Baxter of the 23rd Arkansas; Lt. John Annington 42nd Virginia captured at Gettysburg;  Capt. John L. Lemon of the 14th Louisiana and Lt. Daniel Mahoney, 1st Lieut. 10th Louisiana Regiment.  The last 3 men on this page all became members of the Immortal 600.

J.I. #12 – Price $850 – 5 Autographs on one of the most beautiful autograph pages we have seen, each autograph looking like a calling card arranged in a windmill fashion.  The most important autograph is that of Captain Benjamin Lyons Farinholt of the 53rd Virginia Infantry.  He was wounded and captured at Gettysburg and then managed to escape from Johnson’s Island Prison! 

Another great autograph is that of Captain and A.A.G. F. L. Price of the famous Texas Brigade in the Army of Northern Virginia.  The 3rd autograph is that of Captain J. H. Taylor of General Gholson’s Mississippi Staff (captured at Tupelo, Miss. May 5, 1863).  The 4th autograph is that of 2nd Lieut. Louis E. H. on the staff of General Beverly H. Robertson (4th and 5th N.C. Cavalry), captured near Gettysburg  July 4th, 1863.  The final autograph is that of Captain Richard M. Leavell of the 2nd Miss. Regiment captured at Gettysburg, July 1st, 1863.

J.I. #13 – Price $550 – 7 Autographs – All 4 on the front page were captured at Gettysburg, 2 of them being wounded there:

Capt. Stephen A. Corker
Co. A. 3rd GA. Vol.

Lt. James A. Harwood
Co. K 53rd VA. Inf.
(Great regiment in Pickett’s Charge)

Lt. William C. Matthews
Co. G 38th GA. Inf.

Capt. W. W. Hartsfield
Co. D 13th GA. Inf.
He writes: “Captured at Gettysburg, Penn., 4th July, 1863

On the reverse are 3 more autographs 2 captured at Port Hudson and 1 at Missionary Ridge:

Lt. John B. Gatlin
Co. H 29th Miss. Inf.

2nd Lt. James F. Kent
Co. F 16th LA. Inf.

Lt. Edmund Tullis
Co. D 10th Ark. Inf.

J.I. #14 – Price $850 – 3 Autographs including our most “favorite” of all, 1st Lieut. George Williamson Finley  Company K, 56th Virginia Infantry.  According to the book, Nothing but Glory, Finley was captured at the Stone Wall… one of the furthest in the charge.  While in prison he was selected to be one of the Immortal 600 under fire in Charleston, S.C.  Finley decided to become a minister while he was in prison and after the war received his seminary degree and an honorary doctorate from Washington and Lee University.  With this page we will supply a photocopy of him in uniform.

Also on this page is another member of the 56th Virginia Infantry, Lt. Francis Cargill Barnes of Company G.  He too was captured at the Stone Wall.

The 3rd great autograph is that of Lt. Hiram Coffey, Company I of the 1st Texas Legion.

J.I. #15 – Price $550 – 11 Autographs, most captured at Gettysburg, including one from the famous 26th North Carolina.  There are 4 from J. E. B. Stuart’s Cavalry Division (2 from the 2nd N.C. and 2 from the 4th N.C.).  There are 4 from the 20th N.C., all of which were captured at Gettysburg, 1 from the 57th Infantry and 1 from the 12th Cavalry.  Of special note is Capt. Ozni R. Brumley, Company B 20th N.C. who was wounded and captured at Gettysburg, became one of the Immortal 600 and ended up dying at Fort Pulaski, Georgia on March 4th, 1865.   Here are all the names: 

Capt. J. B. Williams,
Co. C 20th N.C.

Lt. William M. Propst,
Co. F 57th N.C.

Lt. Hardy Heyes Draughon,
Co. H 20th N.C.

Lt. William Porter,
Co. C 26th N.C.

Lt. Augustus Doane Hicks,
Co. E 20th N.C.

Capt. Ozni R. Brumley,
Co. B 20th N.C.

Lt. Thomas Ruffin,
4th N.C. Cavalry – Captured at Gettysburg and died while a prisoner on Johnson’s Island.  You can visit his gravesite No. 192 in the cemetery there.

Capt. William Sharp,
Co. D 4th N.C. Cav.

Lt. Samuel N. Buxtun,
Co. H 2nd N.C. Cav. – He was captured at Hanover, Pa. on June 30th.

Lt. J. B. Boone,
Co. C 12th Battn. N.C. Cavalry

Capt. George P. Bryan,
Co. G 2nd N.C. Cav.

J.I. #16 – Price $850 – 7 Virginia Autographs featuring 4 from the “Old Bloody Eighth”… the Berkley Regiment – and on the front page of this sheet, 3 of the famous Berkley brothers:  Lt. Col. Norborne Berkley, Capt. William N. Berkley and 1st Lt. Charles F. Berkley.  The fourth autograph from the 8th:  Capt. John R. Carter. 

The 8th Virginia Infantry
Garnett’s Brigade
Pickett’s Division
Longstreet’s Corps
Army of Northern Virginia

… It doesn’t get any better than this for your I.D.  To find 3 of the Berkley’s on one page is quite amazing.  On the reverse side of the sheet we find 2 men captured at Port Hudson:  T. F. Willson, A.A.G. to Maj. Gen. Gardner and Captain W. N. Coffin of the 2nd Louisiana Battalion Heavy Artillery.   The last man is from the 4th Virginia Cavalry – 1st Lt. Charles B. Trevillian, who was taken prisoner at Greencastle, Pa. on July 5th, 1863. 

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