Famous 26th North Carolina Infantry – Two Postally Used Covers:  One from E. R. Richardson & One from B. J. Richardson – BOTH KILLED AT THE SAME BATTLE IN 1864 ! – The 26th N.C. had the greatest loss of any Confederate Regiment in the Civil War

Both of these stamp-less covers with “DUE 10” stampings are addressed to Union County North Carolina. They each have good return addresses:

B. J. Richardson Co. B
26 Regt. N. C. I.

E. R. Richardson
Co. B 26 Regiment

Brinkly J. Richardson at age 26 enlisted on June 5th, 1861 at Union County, N.C. as a Private. He was WOUNDED ON JULY 1ST, 1863 AT THE BATTLE OF GETTYSBURG. His younger brother E. R. Richardson enlisted on March 9th, 1864 and was killed 5 months later with his brother Brinkly. The 26″ North Carolina had the greatest loss of any Confederate regiment in the Civil War.  

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