Civil War Confederate Blockade Runner Bond – This one from the Charleston Importing and Exporting Company – Signed by the President of the Company Henry Cobia

One of the colorful subjects to read about and collect are the Bonds that Charleston Businessmen issued to invest in their Blockade Runners. The goal was to bring goods back to Charleston for sale… and also to bring supplies including guns and ammunition for the military. We know that Henry Cobia’s Charleston Importing and Exporting Company had two successful trips to England with their ship the “Gem”. The certificate measures 4.75″ x 9.5″ and is for one share for $1000. It is dated October 1, 1864. This particular Company’s Bond is attractive as there is a large engraving of their Blockade Runner in the center. Condition very fine and an excellent example.

#CG472 – Price $1,250

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