WWII B26 Bomber “Mission” Diary – Capt. Wilson M. Buford, Ranger, Texas – Lists 64 Bombing Runs from Jan. 1st, 1944 to Sept. 5th, 1944… Including NORMANDY

Offered is our favorite WWII item. Attached to this mission diary are Capt. Buford’s 2 dog tags. We have transcribed everything… see our photos. When you read the one for June 5th, 1944, it gives you goosebumps:

“June 5
              Mission #36. INVASION. We bombed the shore of the Normandy Peninsula at 4,000’. I’m just surprised that I’m alive. I can’t describe the sight, but I can surely pity those poor devils below.”

This mission diary is written in nice dark ink and is easily read. For display, there are two photos of the B26. Show the photos, the dog tags and have the diary opened to the June 5th entry, and you have an amazing display.

#EL115 – Price $2,495