Reunion Souvenir from the 121st New York Volunteers & the 5th Maine Regiment Reunion September 29th, 1885 – They Were Brigaded Together

This 2 page poetic verse by “Comrade” J. K. Tyler was dedicated to the 121st (“Onesters”) and the 5th Maine. This reunion was held in Little Falls, New York, “Col. Edwards and other members of the old 5th Maine being present”. The piece is printed on heavy light green cardstock. There is a beautiful vignette of flags and battle scene on the front. The content covering 2 pages is quite fascinating… many great lines. If you are a fan of either the 121st N.Y. or the 5th Maine, this should be in your collection. We have never seen another example of it. The last line reads “For Col. Edwards and the Fifth, whose fame shall never die!”

#EL128NY – Price $85

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