Charlestown, S.C. March 20th, 1771 – Famous Charlestonian Nathaniel Russell Ships Mahogany Logs Back to Rhode Island!

Nathaniel Russell, a wealthy Rhode Island merchant, spent $80,000 in the early 1800’s building “51 Meeting Street” in downtown Charleston, S.C.  His home is now toured by thousands of visitors every year.  To find an early shipping document from this man in 1771 is quite a rarity! 

The document measures 5 x 9 ½ inches and is printed on high rag content “Colonial” paper.  It is in excellent condition.  Nathaniel Russell is making a shipment on the sloop “Charlestown”, “Now riding at Anchor in the Harbor of Charlestown”, “And by GOD’S GRACE bound for Newport, Rhode Island.”  The document is dated March 29th, 1771 and signed by Joseph Durfee, Master or “Purser.”

#EL69 – Price $395