Two WWI Posters Published by the National Cash Register Company in Dayton, Ohio, Feb. 1918

These two posters measuring 11 x 14 inches would look great framed together in a relic room.  They were written by National Cash Register Company President John Patterson, who throughout the war offered encouragement to the public. 

The N. C. R. Company in Dayton, Ohio was the equivalent of Microsoft in 1918 and their President Patterson was revered by all American’s. 

The first poster shows an image of German soldiers fighting in the streets and has the caption, “Fight we must, and Europe is the place to do it!”  The second poster is entitled, “To Win the War”.  TAKE TIME TO READ THESE TWO PATRIOTIC MESSAGES.  THEY ARE JUST AS RELAVENT TODAY. 

#EL93 – Price for the pair $59