Johnson’s Island, Ohio POW Camp – War Dated November 18, 1864 – Ladies Invitation to Join 1st Lieut. H. C. Strong of the 128th Ohio Volunteer Infantry for an Officer’s Ball

This Johnson’s Island cute little memento includes two items: a calling card size “invitation” (or ticket/pass) & the envelope it was in. The envelope is addressed: 

1st Lieut. H. C. Strong & Lady  

The card is printed in magenta colored ink: 

Johnson’s Island, Ohio.  
Ladies’ Invitation.  
NOVEMBER 18th, 1864.

Henry C. Strong enlisted as a 1st Lieutenant on September 10th, 1862 in the 128th Ohio Infantry and was mustered out on July 13th, 1865. 

A nice “set” for a Johnson’s Island display. 

#PO97 – Price $65 

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