Museum Quality Americana

.Welcome to Museum Quality Americana, a division of Cal Packard, LLC.  It is our goal to provide the finest quality historical artifacts and documents for public and private institutions and the discretionary collector.  We offer over 40 years experience buying and selling items of historical significance from the French and Indian War through WWII with emphasis on the American Civil War.

Why the name Museum Quality Americana?

Because for the past 40 years we have sought for the highest quality and most historically significant items to be found.  If you have similar quality items that you are willing to sell, please give us a call at 419-565-4100.

Cal Packard, Owner and Purchaser

Sarah McCready, Web Designer

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The different categories are designed around our interests. Keep in mind some will overlap. For example, we have a category “Civil War Photos”, but there also may be photos under the category “Black Heritage” or Christian Heritage”, etc.

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