Civil War Artifacts: Photos

Photograph (Stereoview) of the Confederate Steamer The Planter which was Commandeered by Slave Robert Smalls in Making his Escape in Charleston, S.C.

Stereoview of the Dead on Culp’s Hill, Gettysburg

Beautiful Union General Phil Sheridan CDV & the Patriotic Letter Sheet “Sheridan’s Ride”

CDV & Docketed Cover of Hon. Clement L. Vallandigham… Known as “The Great Copperhead of Ohio” in the North & “Apostle of Liberty” in the South – Banished from the Union for His Southern Sentiment

Scarce CDV of Lt. Col. James M. Sanderson Who Wrote the Book “My Record in Rebellion” (About Libby Prison) – He was Commissary of Subsistence, 1st Army Corps

Two Stereoview Cards of the Famous Mill’s House Hotel in Charleston, S.C. – The First Before the Severe Union Shelling & the Second, How it Looked after the Bombardment!

Pristine CDV of Col. Abel D. Streight – Led His 51st Indiana Infantry, Mounted on Mules into Battle & was Captured by Forrest – Sent to Libby Prison where He Escaped! 

3 Cute CDV’s – Child with Dog, Doll & Great Old “Express” Wagon 

Stereoview of Libby Prison… But Not in Richmond, Virginia… in Chicago!


Signed on the Front CDV of Union General Samuel W. Crawford – At Gettysburg Crawford Seized the Colors & Drove the Confederates out of “the Valley of Death” Beside Little Round Top 

Photograph of the Charleston Waterfront House where High Ranking Union Officers were held to Deter Shelling the City by Union Vessels 

Beautiful Sixth Plate Daguerreotype of a Cute Little Gal – In Pristine Guetta-Percha Case

CDV of Confederate Spy Belle Boyd 

Lt. Col. John Fred Pierson, 1st New York, Organizes “The Prisoners Club” in Libby Prison + His CDV!