Two Stereoview Cards of the Famous Mill’s House Hotel in Charleston, S.C. – The First Before the Severe Union Shelling & the Second, How it Looked after the Bombardment!

Both of these stereoviews have yellow boarders. The first, the Mill’s House before the bombardment was published by Quinby & Co., 261 King Street, Charleston, S.C. There is a nice history of the hotel on the back. The 2nd Stereo is by Anthony & Co. and is number 3114 in their Photographic History of the War for the Union. This stereo was published in 1865. 

The Quinby stereo was probably issued in late 1862 or 63, as it states on the back “By almost superhuman efforts it was saved from destruction in the disastrous conflagration of December 11, 1861.” Confederate General Beauregard ate at the Mill’s House and watched the great fire from its verandah on the second floor. Quinby photographs are especially desirable. 

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